About the website

Welcome to Make Place! This website is all about getting young people more involved in how their neighbourhoods look, how they feel and how they get around them.

This website allows you to put pins on a virtual map to tell the people in charge of the Streets for People project about the problems you noticed on your walk, and your ideas to change these problems. Once you've placed a pin, you are asked a few questions about the problem or idea. You can also upload a photo, video, audio clip or drawing to give more detail. You can't edit or delete a pin once it's been placed, so make sure you place it carefully!

Putting pins on the map means that the people in charge can see the feedback and ideas you came up with, and think about them when making changes to your neighbourhood. It's all part of being an active citizen!


About the research

We're working with Year 5 pupils to tell them about plans to make these neighbourhoods better. These plans are part of the Streets for People project, led by Newcastle City Council and groups of local people. We're working with two schools - Sacred Heart Primary School in Fenham, and West Jesmond Primary School in Jesmond.

Make Place has been developed for the purposes of a research project by Open Lab at Newcastle University.

To be able to see the pins on the map, you have to be logged in and have an account approved by the administrator. If you have any problems with this or with using the website, please contact Sean Peacock at s.peacock@newcastle.ac.uk.